Wednesday, April 22, 2015

22th April-Earth Day…Save Earth using Earth-Friendly Bio fuel Briquettes

save earth using biomass bio fuel white coal briquettes
22th April - Earth Day
22th of April celebrates as an International Earth Day.  Earth Day is the largest public event in the world, celebrated simultaneously around the world by people of all nationalities backgrounds and faiths. More than a billion people contribute in celebration of this Earth Day every year.

What can we do for Earth Day?

The possibilities for getting involved are endless! We can use Renewable Energy Resources for Clean Energy generation like Sun, Rain, Wind, Biomass etc. Biomass Bio fuel are the best alternative Fuel of fossil Fuel which are Eco-friendly and Non-Polluting. So, it’s helping to save earth from pollution. Biomass Briquettes are one of the best Biomass Bio fuel.

Briquettes are currently one of the best Renewable energy used in the industries to use. Biomass Briquettes till now adopted my many of the industries very well & successfully using them. Briquetting Press Machines is very easy used machines with a simple process to be used, even Briquetting unit can be easily adopted & not much infrastructure is to be made.

Also Briquetting Press manufacturer offers two Briquetting supporting Equipments Biomass Crusher & Turbo Dryer for maintaining the size & moisture level in the raw material. Briquetting
Press Machine does the work of increasing the density of the raw material.

Briquetting unit can be set up at anywhere but the raw material availability & transportation should be easy. As of now the main source of energy is fossil fuels & among now coal is one of the dangerous to Environment of our Earth so better to switch or some alternative that could be setting up a Briquetting unit, Briquetting Press Machines & making Biomass Briquettes.

The Biomass Briquettes materials are compressed into the Briquettes this process takes place under Briquetting unit with the help of Briquetting Press Machines. In this modern life cannot be possible without electricity. So it becomes very necessary to shift our self to some Renewable Energy one of them suggested is Briquetting Press.

Even with the help of Biomass Briquettes we can also reduce the import export of the fossil fuels which creates a lot of burden of the National economy & also prices are constantly going high. Briquettes are quite better than loose Biomass as it helps Briquettes to burn for longer time period. It can be a first in making our lives Eco-friendly & protecting the world in making a better place to live i.e. pollution free with the help of Biomass Briquettes.

To build a better future, we all must commit to protect our environment year-round. 

Believe Earth Day is every day! Save Earth Save Life!

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