Sunday, May 31, 2015


biomass briquettes
Convert Loose Biomass to solid Bio fuel

 Earlier converting loose Biomass into fine polished Biomass Briquettes was quite difficult. But with the innovation & era of globalization it was possible to produce the Renewable Sources of Energy for the sustainable energy like sun energy, wind energy & like that only one more energy is invented i.e. waste energy Briquettes which is produced under White coal Briquetting Machine

Why it is necessary to convert the waste into energy. Reasons are many like pollution, disturbance of cycle with any of the research a machine called Biomass Briquetting Press Machine which has change the face of world in matter of Renewable energy as it has given Briquettes which has created a footprint in the whole world with his esteem work which has support to win the heart of all investor & industrialist. 

Generally it is found that Renewable Energy are very expensive or else they are not physible to set up & generally the process is found to be very complicated so many a times such things are thought but no now no more such complication for setting up an Renewable Energy as one of the plant is there which does not require any such matter that eat the investors head so that plant which has made many investor a profitable person & successful person i.e. Biomass Briquetting Press Plant Project

Biomass Bio coal Briquettes
Biomass Briquettes
But converting loose Biomass& Briquettes is not at a complicated process as the structure of process is very simple & fast so one can easily go such process which makes White coal Briquettes which are only made from agro-forestry waste so it made from 100% natural products it does not contained any such chemical like sulfur so when it is burned it does not omit any such other pollution or not even ash because it has only Agriculture & forestry waste as there raw material. 

Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools is into business selling Biomass Briquetting Press Machine & the investors are successfully running the plant of White coal Briquetting Press plant Project. So with guarantee one can say that it is a simple as well as profitable a business & in future can be considered as a big business hub as it is the future when there will be no existence of coal or other fossil fuels. 

So this the importance that it is necessary to convert loose Biomass into fine Biomass Briquettes just to increase its density & to use it in a physible manner.        

Sunday, May 24, 2015


To make an Eco friendly product which is helps an environment & people to live in an environmental friendly world. Nowadays government has become very strict with the companies in the matter of pollution emitted by them. So mostly companies are now specially having the different departments for waste management which always things of doing something ecological & renewable with the waste or else either to buried it in such a manner that it does not affect the people nearby them to their health. 

Eco-friendly and environment friendly biomass briquetting Press Machines

BiomassBriquetting Press Machines brings solution to all such problem where as it increases the density of the Briquettes with the help of Binding the raw material. But no other chemical is used to bind the Briquettes. Briquetting Machine of Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools comes with one innovative technology known as “Binderless Technology”.

Briquetting Machines gives us a simple process to make our environment of industry safe with the help of Briquettes. Agro Bio coal Briquettes is the simple & easy substitute of Coal & wood which tells us about that if we use it one can simply go for the environmental safety of the industry. As now even the government has also made the strict rules regarding emission of pollution are the industries so it is better to go for such products which are pollution free i.e. Bio coal Briquettes.

The entire process of setting up Briquetting Plant Project, making Biomass Briquettes from Agro Briquetting Press Machines is very simple so if either of them is thought then is not at all a bad idea. Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools provides not only the Briquetting Press Machine but along with that it also tells about creating an awareness regarding Biomass Briquettes.

Briquettes are the Renewable Energy & to make it is very easy so to use Briquettes & replacing it by coal & wood is a very simple process. So Briquettes usage is also very simple & easy & can one easily replace the coal & wood. Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools is the manufacturer, exporter, supplier & seller of Biomass Briquetting Press Machine so can firmly says that Briquettes is the best suitable solution of coal & wood & also one can easily replace & use it as burning efficiency also using process is simple.     

Briquetting Machines makes Biomass Briquettes so once can in nutshell says that Briquetting Machines is the perfect solution for the environmental safety in the industrial area & industries as the health of the employees working there in industrial area is also important & also such pollution creates ozone layers & other disaster so as for now & for future Briquetting Press Machines is the perfect solution for making a renewable energy source as Agro White coal Briquettes.  

Monday, May 11, 2015


Briquettes making briquetting Plant Project
Briquetting Plant Project

The next generation will have what we will give to them so it would be better we give them a better place to live if not than at least we can try to give some solution for the pollution related things & also not pollute more , also we can only try to make use of those Renewable Energy source.

Perhaps the most convincing argument can be the cost saving it can produce a need for Briquettes in the mind of the customers. No matter what kind of innovation takes place but Biomass Briquettes will always have its place in its matters. Biomass Briquettes don’t only benefit to the industries in economic terms but also it helps atmosphere in keeping clean by not creating pollution by burning Agro coal Briquettes.

The future of energy storage is Briquettes especially in an agricultural country like India Bio coal BriquettingPress Project can really take a boom as one can easily find Raw Material of Agriculture & forestry waste so the set up becomes quite easy.   

Still many countries has to depends on importing oils & other fuels but if the proper Briquetting Press Project is planned than surely we no more have to dependent on importing countries.

As the most pollution created fossil fuel is coal & the Briquettes is the best, perfect alternative for coal. So if Briquetting Press Project has the bright future as one is getting an alternative than surely one is going to used in the related places like in industries & power station.    

If one is thinking of setting up a plant of Briquetting Pres Machines then in India they surely will be benefited will no. of benefits from the government & one of the best renewable  & along with that profitable business we can say than it is Briquetting Press Project.
Go Green with Briquetting Plant Project
Briquetting Press Project is one of the energy saving project creating a prosperous world & it is categories under the heading like Environmental Friendly Project, Renewable Energy Source & Renewable Energy Project much more so subsidies, easy loan & pat back period, depreciation etc are very fast.

The main concept of Briquetting Press Project is to produce the material as a bio-coal, which is made from the Agro-forestry waste which ultimately produces the energy. Jay Khodiyar Machines tools motto is to “Converting Agro waste into Gold”. Briquetting Press Project Manufacturer, Seller and Exporter always tries to provide the future technology which cost low & also less pollution is the main concept of Biomass Briquetting Press Project.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Gujarat Sthapna Din Celebrated by Briquetting Press Machine Seller
Gujarat Sthapna Diwas

Today is a very memorable day for Gujarat 1st May 1960 in the history of Gujarat. Since than many changes & revolution has taken place in this state & now it is considered as one of the developed state in India.

This development also brings changes in infrastructure & development of urban & rural areas. This talk about also increase in life style of people of Gujarat & many new Indian & foreign countries are now entering & planning to enter in Gujarat & set up their plant one of them is TATA Nano & much other are still to come.

This development brings one invitation to problem i.e. POLLUTION. As still this problem is not yet much faced by the Gujarat as still the people of Gujarat has a good health but it has also experienced earthquake before many years.

So better to be safe than sorry & to prevent Gujarat from such natural disaster & only best ways is reducing use fossil fuels & start using Renewable Energy. Renewable Energy source talks about Biomass Briquettes which are made from Agro-forestry waste in Bio coal Briquetting Press Machines.

Gujarat is very modern & easily adopts new innovation & changes. Already there are many no. of Briquetting plant that is already set up in Gujarat & running very successful. Briquetting Plant is also easy to set up project in Gujarat as it is government fully supports the Briquetting Plant Project.

Briquetting Machines Sellers, Exporters and Manufacturers
Briquetting Machines
Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools manufacturer, supplier, seller, exporter of Biomass Briquetting Machines is also having its production unit & office in Gujarat in city called Rajkot has seen the journey of Gujarat.

So we can say that one of most easy & cheap way to save earth is use of Bio coal Briquettes. Briquetting Machines produce 100% natural Briquetting which has no sulfur or any other chemicals.

Briquetting Machines comes in very wide range as per the need of production & availability of raw material. Briquettes which are formed under Briquetting Machines are logs mostly in cylindrical shapes. One of the good things about Briquetting Machine is that one can either use single any of the raw material or combination of any two or more but only moisture & size is to be considered in using raw material of Agro-forestry waste.