Saturday, May 2, 2015


Gujarat Sthapna Din Celebrated by Briquetting Press Machine Seller
Gujarat Sthapna Diwas

Today is a very memorable day for Gujarat 1st May 1960 in the history of Gujarat. Since than many changes & revolution has taken place in this state & now it is considered as one of the developed state in India.

This development also brings changes in infrastructure & development of urban & rural areas. This talk about also increase in life style of people of Gujarat & many new Indian & foreign countries are now entering & planning to enter in Gujarat & set up their plant one of them is TATA Nano & much other are still to come.

This development brings one invitation to problem i.e. POLLUTION. As still this problem is not yet much faced by the Gujarat as still the people of Gujarat has a good health but it has also experienced earthquake before many years.

So better to be safe than sorry & to prevent Gujarat from such natural disaster & only best ways is reducing use fossil fuels & start using Renewable Energy. Renewable Energy source talks about Biomass Briquettes which are made from Agro-forestry waste in Bio coal Briquetting Press Machines.

Gujarat is very modern & easily adopts new innovation & changes. Already there are many no. of Briquetting plant that is already set up in Gujarat & running very successful. Briquetting Plant is also easy to set up project in Gujarat as it is government fully supports the Briquetting Plant Project.

Briquetting Machines Sellers, Exporters and Manufacturers
Briquetting Machines
Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools manufacturer, supplier, seller, exporter of Biomass Briquetting Machines is also having its production unit & office in Gujarat in city called Rajkot has seen the journey of Gujarat.

So we can say that one of most easy & cheap way to save earth is use of Bio coal Briquettes. Briquetting Machines produce 100% natural Briquetting which has no sulfur or any other chemicals.

Briquetting Machines comes in very wide range as per the need of production & availability of raw material. Briquettes which are formed under Briquetting Machines are logs mostly in cylindrical shapes. One of the good things about Briquetting Machine is that one can either use single any of the raw material or combination of any two or more but only moisture & size is to be considered in using raw material of Agro-forestry waste.   

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