Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Biomass Bio Fuel Advantages over Fossil Fuels

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Biomass Bio Fuel Advantages over Fossil Fuels

The human race has undergone a lot of changes through the millennia. Most of the advances in technologies have done in just the last couple of hundred years. The discovery of oil, gas and petroleum as energy sources changed the face of how we carry out things like nothing else since the detection of fire. However, these fossil fuels do not exist in an infinite supply, making it necessary to discover other energy options. One of them is the use of biomass as a source of energy.
Here area few Biomass and Bio fuel advantages over fossil fuels: 

First, Biomass is one of the most abundant resources in the planet. By definition, it is “The mass of living or recently dead animals and plants, along with their wastes”. It means that there is not a single square centimeter of Earth that does not hold some form of biomass that could be transformed to energy. 

Biomass is renewable energy source. If people implement suitable conservation techniques, each and every form of biomass that is harvested to manufacture energy can be replaced over an era. What is time required depends on the biomass used. For example, trees would take much longer to replace than corn plants.  On the other hand, Fossil Fuel exists in limited amounts that will never be replaced. 

Biomass can easily be converted from its natural form into concentrated, high energy fuels such as Briquettes or White Coal or a type of gas that is virtually equal to natural gas. These bio fuels are relatively clean burning when compared with the fossil fuels in use today. 

The cost of producing biomass for use as fuels and energy sources is very cheap compared to the cost of finding and extracting fossil fuels. The price of finding fuel is eliminated when one deliberately plants certain types of plants to be used in the production of biomass fuels. Extraction is usually no more exclusive than harvesting crops for food. In some cases, rising and harvesting crops for biomass fuel use is cheaper than raising food crops. 

Briquettes, Whitecoal, Biomass biofuel, Briquetting unit, briquetting plant, briquetting press
Biomass Biofuel Briquettes
Briquetting Machines are used to produce biomass bio fuel Briquettes or White coal. White coal or briquettes has many advantages over fossil fuel. They are eco-friendly and non polluting bio fuel. Briquettes making process (Briquetting Process) is used to not using any chemical to bind Biomass Waste. So, it’s also called Binder Less Technology. Briquetting Machines are also known as Briquetting Plant, Briquetting Press, Briquetting Unit etc.   

Unused areas of land can be set to use as sources of biomass crops and the growing of such crops can produce new jobs in rural areas, dropping the unemployment rates.
If proper conservation is used in harvesting, growing and replacing biomass crops used as fuels or in the manufacture of fuels, the quantity of carbon dioxide released into the environment would see a net reduction as the new plants would absorb it to manufacture energy for their own escalation. This could help to slow or stop global warming and restore balance to the carbon cycle that was destroyed when man began large scale use of fossil fuels that had been out of the carbon cycle for millions of years.   
These are only some of the biomass bio fuel advantages over fossil fuels. Latest advantages are being discovered almost every day, as scientists continue to discover alternate sources of energy for a time when there will be no fossil fuels to consume.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Why to invest in the future technology called white coal briquettes?

biomass, briquettes, whitecoal, bio fuel, envirocoal, briquetting machines
Why to invest in the future technology called white coal briquettes?

Briquettes are flammable block of material used as fuel. They are made from extruded or dense shredded burnable materials. Till now the earth has been protecting us from the entire problem but in return what we have given is just in the form of pollution. So now it’s our turn to change the world. Biomass is the basis for the operation while white coal is the end result. World is very well involved into the biomass energy. Now as after too many researches we have got the power to change the world with the biomass energy & one of them is biomass Briquetting Press.

Can you imagine a world after the fossil fuel gets over & we have no other fuel for generating energy the first thing which will happen is we will not able to produce electricity due to the lack of electricity we will not be able to carry out any of our work smoothly so it is better to prevent the natural energy & fossil fuel which can be help to us & our next generation in the future for many purposes. Without the proper electricity one cannot even think of living a healthy life.

So it’s now a high time to use the biomass Briquettes & turn towards new dimensions of the fossil fuel which help to human to save an earth & to live a better place for the future generation to come. Briquettes don’t only save us from the pollution but also from the pollution & helps urban & rural area both to solve their problems.

Also we can say that raw material which is used for the Biomass Briquettes has also no other further so it is better to use in the making of white coal Briquettes. Many people has doubt regarding the raw material used in the biomass briquettes any agricultural residue or forestry & even urban can also be used in producing the biomass briquetting press.

Enviro-coal which means biomass briquettes we can say that biomass briquettes are the modern version of the coal which is 100% natural even though made by human beings from natural waste so it also known as enviro-coal i.e. coal which protects the environment & is white coal briquettes.

Still in some areas there is a less awareness regarding what is briquetting machines & biomass briquettes. Jay Khodiyar Group don’t only invest or do the business of selling white coal briquetting press machines but also it is creating awareness among the people regarding briquettes & pellets so people called it Jay Khodiyar as cosmopolitan ambassador.

Biomass, Briquetting Machies, Briquetting Press, Briquetting Plant

It is the only future of the world & also one can go for the commercial as well as non commercial use & even pellets are available for household which is a shirk size of the Biomass Briquettes. As fast as we adopt or replace the white coal briquettes from fossil fuel that much faster we can remove our dependence from the oil & other gases.

The above proof loudly speaks about the answer why to invest in Biomass Briquettes & as we all say we should only believe on the facts & proofs so it not at all a wrong thought if you are thinking on investing & setting up an Briquetting Press plant you are perfectly on the right track.   

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How Briquetting Plant Machines can be help to save Plants, Animals and Society from Global Warming?

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Global Warming effect-Plants, Animal and Society
Plants and Animals
The effects of global warming on the Earth's ecosystems are expected to be deep and comprehensive. Many communities of plants and animals are already moving their range northward or to upper altitudes as a result of higher temperatures, according to many researches.

They are not just moving north, they are moving from the equator to the poles. They are simply following the range of comfortable temperatures, which is migrating to the north as the global average temperature warms. Ultimately, it becomes a serious problem when the speed of climate change is more rapidly than the speed that many Animals and Birds can migrate. Because of this, many animals may not be able to compete in the new climate system and may go destroyed.

Moreover, migratory Animals, Birds and insects are now coming in their summer feeding and nesting grounds several days or weeks earlier than they did in the 20th century, as per the EPA.

High temperatures will also expand the range of many disease-causing pathogens that were once limited to tropical and subtropical areas, killing off plant and animal species that formerly were protected from disease.

These all effects of global warming, if left unconstrained, will likely contribute to the vanishing of up to one-half of Earth's plants and one-third of animals from their present range by 2080, according to a 2013 report in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Social effects
As theatrical as the effects of climate change are expected to be on the green earth, the predictable changes to human society may be even more shocking.

Agricultural systems will likely be dealt a crippling drive. Though growing seasons in some areas will expand, the combined impacts of drought, lack of snow melt, greater number, severe weather and lower groundwater tables, range of pests and a loss of arable land could cause severe crop failures and livestock shortages worldwide.

It’s also came into observes that carbon dioxide is affecting plant growth. Though CO2 can increase the expansion of plants, the plants may become less nutritious.

In addition to less nutritious food, the cause of global warming on human being health is also predictable to be grim. The American Medical Association has observed an increase in mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and malaria fever, as well as a rise in cases of chronic conditions like asthma, is already happening, most likely as a straight result of global warming.

Many of these effects are the result of exhaustive scientific research and climate models and the fact that most of them are already being experiential gives extra reliability to the projected effects of climate change and global warming.

Main Cause of Global Warming is CO2 which is produced by Fossil Fuel. We have to find alternate of this Fuel. Biomass Briquettes are the Alternative Fuel which is not producing CO2.

Briquetting Machines:
Briquetting Machines are used to produce Biomass Briquettes/White Coal. This whole Process is called Briquetting Plant Project. In this Briquetting Plant Project waste of Agro-forestry or any Biomass waste is used. These wastes are converted into Biomass Bio Fuel Briquettes with Binder less Technology in Briquetting Machines. Briquetting Machines are also called Briquetting Press, Briquetting Unit, Briquetting Equipments, White Coal Machines, White Coal Plant.

So, Briquetting Machines can be help to save our Earth - Plants, Animal and Society. 
Briquetting Press, Briquetting Machines, Briquetting Unit, Briquetting Equipments
Briquetting Plant Machine