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10 Secrets Advantages of Biomass Briquettes

biomass briquettes white coal advantages

Biomass Briquettes are the product which is now giving a strong competition to the Coal & other fossil fuels. Agrowaste Machine is used for making of White coal Briquettes. According to many survey it has been in many survey that the sector of Biomass Briquettes is very niche it needs to be developed, is much unorganized & Biomass Briquettes needs to be organized as they are small scale units with either one or two machines if it is more supported by the government it can reach to a very level so it has much more journey to pass.

Biomass White coal Briquettes produced by Briquetting Machines.
Biomass Briquettes

1.       NO  POLLUTION:

One of the biggest advantages of Biomass Briquettes that is it doesn’t create sulfur while burning it is made without any kind of chemical & it is bind with a liquid known as “Lignin” which is also produce from raw material waste agro-forestry which is also natural so when it is burned it don’t create any such kind of ash through which it creates pollution or don’t create any such harm to environment.

Renewable source of energy is one of the most wanted by industry as they have to suffer from huge cost of other non renewable energy which takes very high budget of a company& they always want cut down the cost so it is a best option & opportunity which one can grab it.


Biomass Briquettes don’t create any type of much ash content like coal it is very less as compared to coal & other fossil fuel is just 2 to 6% which coal has 20% & more even. So it also don’t have a issue of thinking what is to be done with the waste so it one of the brightest advantage that after burning it will not pollute land or water for disposal of ash.

4.     EASY TO USE:

Using White coal Briquettes is very easy as generally it is found that till now the renewable products are very difficult to use or either it is time consuming or long process but this Agro Briquettes are made from very simple process & also very simple to use & it also catches fire very fast so it can easily be used in winter & monsoon.


The recent cleaning mission of India has been started by Shri Narendra Modi our president Prime Minister fortunately or unfortunately Biomass briquettes join the hands in that mission as it is directly made from waste & that waste which are kept ideal it was not further used other than creating pollution i.e. Agro-forestry waste.
6.     NO SMOKE:

Biomass even don’t create any kind pollution but when it is burned it also don’t create any kind of smoke which are reeled in air & pollute the air that problem will not be here & can even good for government as they don’t have to make a pollution creating companies all such stuff as no smoke will be there while using White Coal Briquetting Press.  


One can even use loose Biomass for it burning purpose but the only problem is the density of it is very low so it has to go under the process of making binding it in White coal Briquetting Press Machine which increases its density so that we can burn it for more time so it can be a good advantage of Briquettes.


The demand of Briquettes is increasing a lot as company can’t bare such huge budget of fossil fuel which is causing them huge cost. So the demand of Briquettes are increasing continuously which will influence many entrepreneur to start up a Agro Briquetting Press Plant & the demand of Briquettes will still increase in the future so it can be mine if someone goes for the Biomass Briquetting Plant.

One of the best advantages is that the raw material used in White coal Briquettes are totally a waste which is wasted i.e. Agro-forestry waste which if we leave as it is it creates a high amount of pollution so better to use it for some renewable product i.e. Biomass Briquettes.

Agro Briquettes & making Biomass Briquettes both are very cheaper to make & use so it is very economical in nature. So Biomass Briquettes are very economical as well as it is easily available & when burned don’t create pollution. So it one of the best options if anyone is thinking for setting up White coal Briquetting Press Plant & using Biomass Briquettes.

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