Saturday, April 11, 2015


Combustion compact Biomass Briquettes are made in log form. Raw material in the form of Agro-forestry waste it is send under the process of making a White coal Briquettes into a hard-way. The weight & size of the Briquettes verifies from each other. Biomass Briquettes are largely in automated process.

If we speak in general manner White Press Briquettes has a moisture level from 12 to 15%. The process of Briquettes becomes very simple when it is in correct size & moisture level. Similar to the other Renewable Energy, Biomass Briquettes are also not only manufactured in agriculture country but it goes overseas.

By replacing & beyond coal Biomass Briquettes is more economical in nature.  Now companies have started taking interest in Renewable Energy products & one of them is Biomass Briquettes. Bio coal Briquettes have found its immense presence & also started motivating people by its unique characteristics. This makes it powerful than other fossil fuels & renewable products.

Now it comes the question of profitable it is cheaper than other fossil fuel & coal so it can be a hub of profitable. Many years have passed now the time has come to look forward than fossil fuel & to adopt the profitable & cheaper & high quality Biomass Briquettes.

In the short time & once the time will come when the Biomass Briquettes will surely move ahead than those expensive fossil fuels. White coal Briquettes are inexpensive yet profitable for those who use Biomass Briquettes & for those who make it Briquettes.

Briquettes Plant & Briquettes creates no fear for the atmosphere & it work of cleaning agro-forestry without damaging the Mother Nature. At present if we compare the prices we can easily find out the it is very low of Briquettes. Still the biomass Briquettes has not unlocked its full capacity it has much more capabilities which a Briquettes can do.

Now let’s see how Biomass Briquettes is considered as a performer Biomass Briquettes is an alternative source of energy which are used in against of coal & fossil fuels like industries & power station & electricity generation creates pone of the most consuming coal sector in world.

So one can easily either use Biomass Briquettes or waster energy for generating electricity. Agro-forestry wastes are simply used in producing Agro coal Briquette. Since the years to come though much acceptance was not there than also Biomass Briquettes was considered as one of the best source & alternative to the fossil fuels. Initially it has to face plenty of issues but now it has got much acceptance so Agro-coal Briquettes is a performer & by its work has made place.

JayKhodiyar Machine Tools is the manufacturer, supplier & exporter of such a reputed product Briquettes of Briquetting Press Machines since last almost 2 decades.

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