Wednesday, April 22, 2015

22th April-Earth Day…Save Earth using Earth-Friendly Bio fuel Briquettes

save earth using biomass bio fuel white coal briquettes
22th April - Earth Day
22th of April celebrates as an International Earth Day.  Earth Day is the largest public event in the world, celebrated simultaneously around the world by people of all nationalities backgrounds and faiths. More than a billion people contribute in celebration of this Earth Day every year.

What can we do for Earth Day?

The possibilities for getting involved are endless! We can use Renewable Energy Resources for Clean Energy generation like Sun, Rain, Wind, Biomass etc. Biomass Bio fuel are the best alternative Fuel of fossil Fuel which are Eco-friendly and Non-Polluting. So, it’s helping to save earth from pollution. Biomass Briquettes are one of the best Biomass Bio fuel.

Briquettes are currently one of the best Renewable energy used in the industries to use. Biomass Briquettes till now adopted my many of the industries very well & successfully using them. Briquetting Press Machines is very easy used machines with a simple process to be used, even Briquetting unit can be easily adopted & not much infrastructure is to be made.

Also Briquetting Press manufacturer offers two Briquetting supporting Equipments Biomass Crusher & Turbo Dryer for maintaining the size & moisture level in the raw material. Briquetting
Press Machine does the work of increasing the density of the raw material.

Briquetting unit can be set up at anywhere but the raw material availability & transportation should be easy. As of now the main source of energy is fossil fuels & among now coal is one of the dangerous to Environment of our Earth so better to switch or some alternative that could be setting up a Briquetting unit, Briquetting Press Machines & making Biomass Briquettes.

The Biomass Briquettes materials are compressed into the Briquettes this process takes place under Briquetting unit with the help of Briquetting Press Machines. In this modern life cannot be possible without electricity. So it becomes very necessary to shift our self to some Renewable Energy one of them suggested is Briquetting Press.

Even with the help of Biomass Briquettes we can also reduce the import export of the fossil fuels which creates a lot of burden of the National economy & also prices are constantly going high. Briquettes are quite better than loose Biomass as it helps Briquettes to burn for longer time period. It can be a first in making our lives Eco-friendly & protecting the world in making a better place to live i.e. pollution free with the help of Biomass Briquettes.

To build a better future, we all must commit to protect our environment year-round. 

Believe Earth Day is every day! Save Earth Save Life!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Briquetting Machine Manufacturer at Hannover Messe 2015
Hannover messe 2015

As Renewable Energy is in demand it talks about many drivers the growth & many other reasons why to invest in Renewable Energy. In India is carries a vast range of portfolio for Renewable Energy as it is the future of world.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated reveal many facts about India like India has changed & growth story about India. The reasons behind investing in Renewable Energy are that it is going through Economic Growth & other current invested Renewable Energy is much more compared to last few years so is one of the biggest reason to invest in Renewable Energy source & one to them recommended is Briquetting Press Machines.

The Indian country offers unlimited potential for Briquetting Machines which makes a Biomass Briquettes which is one of the products of Renewable Energy which drives the growth rate. As India is in fourth largest in importing fossil fuel like oil but in promoting specially government play an important role. Renewable energy is becoming increasingly cost-competitive compared to fossil fuel-based generation. Now countries are coming close for the Renewable Energy sharing. 

As far as Hannover Messe is concern a leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Briquetting Press Machines has participated to create awareness about Renewable Energy & Briquettes which can if promoted in a better can give shape to new earth which runs only in Briquettes which Renewable Source of Energy.

Hannover Messe2015 is the world largest fair & any message pass through it can create a very big awareness in world & by participating it’s our first step to move towards adoption of Renewable Energy. Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools is in to this business of Renewable Energy as a manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Agro coal Briquetting Machines since 1994.

Then also still more to go as Agro coalBriquettes is just in baby step as it has to go much far & Briquettes has to travel a long journey. The curtain of Hannover will open much new doors & opportunities for India & especially for Renewable Energy as India is a one of the most ranked countries in making innovation for Renewable Energy.

In Hannover Messe15 all the countries from all over have participated so by this Briquettes & briquetting Machine will get a new dimensions to explore. Today is the second day of expo hope it gets even bigger and bigger in years to come & the lime light taken in the Messe 2015 at Hannover is the lion made which has catches the eyes of all.

Saturday, April 11, 2015


Combustion compact Biomass Briquettes are made in log form. Raw material in the form of Agro-forestry waste it is send under the process of making a White coal Briquettes into a hard-way. The weight & size of the Briquettes verifies from each other. Biomass Briquettes are largely in automated process.

If we speak in general manner White Press Briquettes has a moisture level from 12 to 15%. The process of Briquettes becomes very simple when it is in correct size & moisture level. Similar to the other Renewable Energy, Biomass Briquettes are also not only manufactured in agriculture country but it goes overseas.

By replacing & beyond coal Biomass Briquettes is more economical in nature.  Now companies have started taking interest in Renewable Energy products & one of them is Biomass Briquettes. Bio coal Briquettes have found its immense presence & also started motivating people by its unique characteristics. This makes it powerful than other fossil fuels & renewable products.

Now it comes the question of profitable it is cheaper than other fossil fuel & coal so it can be a hub of profitable. Many years have passed now the time has come to look forward than fossil fuel & to adopt the profitable & cheaper & high quality Biomass Briquettes.

In the short time & once the time will come when the Biomass Briquettes will surely move ahead than those expensive fossil fuels. White coal Briquettes are inexpensive yet profitable for those who use Biomass Briquettes & for those who make it Briquettes.

Briquettes Plant & Briquettes creates no fear for the atmosphere & it work of cleaning agro-forestry without damaging the Mother Nature. At present if we compare the prices we can easily find out the it is very low of Briquettes. Still the biomass Briquettes has not unlocked its full capacity it has much more capabilities which a Briquettes can do.

Now let’s see how Biomass Briquettes is considered as a performer Biomass Briquettes is an alternative source of energy which are used in against of coal & fossil fuels like industries & power station & electricity generation creates pone of the most consuming coal sector in world.

So one can easily either use Biomass Briquettes or waster energy for generating electricity. Agro-forestry wastes are simply used in producing Agro coal Briquette. Since the years to come though much acceptance was not there than also Biomass Briquettes was considered as one of the best source & alternative to the fossil fuels. Initially it has to face plenty of issues but now it has got much acceptance so Agro-coal Briquettes is a performer & by its work has made place.

JayKhodiyar Machine Tools is the manufacturer, supplier & exporter of such a reputed product Briquettes of Briquetting Press Machines since last almost 2 decades.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

10 Secrets Advantages of Biomass Briquettes

biomass briquettes white coal advantages

Biomass Briquettes are the product which is now giving a strong competition to the Coal & other fossil fuels. Agrowaste Machine is used for making of White coal Briquettes. According to many survey it has been in many survey that the sector of Biomass Briquettes is very niche it needs to be developed, is much unorganized & Biomass Briquettes needs to be organized as they are small scale units with either one or two machines if it is more supported by the government it can reach to a very level so it has much more journey to pass.

Biomass White coal Briquettes produced by Briquetting Machines.
Biomass Briquettes

1.       NO  POLLUTION:

One of the biggest advantages of Biomass Briquettes that is it doesn’t create sulfur while burning it is made without any kind of chemical & it is bind with a liquid known as “Lignin” which is also produce from raw material waste agro-forestry which is also natural so when it is burned it don’t create any such kind of ash through which it creates pollution or don’t create any such harm to environment.

Renewable source of energy is one of the most wanted by industry as they have to suffer from huge cost of other non renewable energy which takes very high budget of a company& they always want cut down the cost so it is a best option & opportunity which one can grab it.


Biomass Briquettes don’t create any type of much ash content like coal it is very less as compared to coal & other fossil fuel is just 2 to 6% which coal has 20% & more even. So it also don’t have a issue of thinking what is to be done with the waste so it one of the brightest advantage that after burning it will not pollute land or water for disposal of ash.

4.     EASY TO USE:

Using White coal Briquettes is very easy as generally it is found that till now the renewable products are very difficult to use or either it is time consuming or long process but this Agro Briquettes are made from very simple process & also very simple to use & it also catches fire very fast so it can easily be used in winter & monsoon.


The recent cleaning mission of India has been started by Shri Narendra Modi our president Prime Minister fortunately or unfortunately Biomass briquettes join the hands in that mission as it is directly made from waste & that waste which are kept ideal it was not further used other than creating pollution i.e. Agro-forestry waste.
6.     NO SMOKE:

Biomass even don’t create any kind pollution but when it is burned it also don’t create any kind of smoke which are reeled in air & pollute the air that problem will not be here & can even good for government as they don’t have to make a pollution creating companies all such stuff as no smoke will be there while using White Coal Briquetting Press.  


One can even use loose Biomass for it burning purpose but the only problem is the density of it is very low so it has to go under the process of making binding it in White coal Briquetting Press Machine which increases its density so that we can burn it for more time so it can be a good advantage of Briquettes.


The demand of Briquettes is increasing a lot as company can’t bare such huge budget of fossil fuel which is causing them huge cost. So the demand of Briquettes are increasing continuously which will influence many entrepreneur to start up a Agro Briquetting Press Plant & the demand of Briquettes will still increase in the future so it can be mine if someone goes for the Biomass Briquetting Plant.

One of the best advantages is that the raw material used in White coal Briquettes are totally a waste which is wasted i.e. Agro-forestry waste which if we leave as it is it creates a high amount of pollution so better to use it for some renewable product i.e. Biomass Briquettes.

Agro Briquettes & making Biomass Briquettes both are very cheaper to make & use so it is very economical in nature. So Biomass Briquettes are very economical as well as it is easily available & when burned don’t create pollution. So it one of the best options if anyone is thinking for setting up White coal Briquetting Press Plant & using Biomass Briquettes.