Friday, July 24, 2015

Why it’s vital to Recycle and Reuse?

Biomass waste Recycling Importance

There are many reasons why it’s vital to recycle and reuse as much as possible:
·         It saves raw materials – Producing new products out of recycled resources reduces the requirements to use valuable Material.  That’s why recycling helps save raw materials and save natural habitats for the future.

·         It saves energy – using used resources in the Production process uses significantly less energy than that need for manufacturing new products from raw materials.

·         It helps save the environment – recycling reduces the requirements for extracting, decontamination and dealing out raw materials all of which produce considerable water and air pollution.  Because recycling saves energy, it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which can be help to start environment revolutionize.

·         It reduces landfill – Lots of sites available in the world and these sites produced emissions of methane, a strong greenhouse gas that is released as the recyclable waste (such as Paper and food) decomposes.  Accessible landfill sites are filling up fast and there is very limited Place for new ones.

Biomass Waste Recycling:
Here Biomass means Any Agricultural and Forestry waste like Wood waste, Ground nut shell, Coffee Shell, Bagasse waste, etc. Sometimes some of them can be used further as a fuel in their loose form also. But if they bind in a solid form then it can be a great fuel known as bio fuel “Briquettes.”
Briquettes are made by using Briquettes Press Machines without using any Chemical. That’s why this briquettes making briquetting process is also known as Binder Less Technology.
Sometimes, Briquettes making Briquetting Process needs some supporting Equipments like Biomass Crushing Machine, Biomass Turbo Dryer Machine or Rotary Drum Dryer Machine as per their Requirements in the Briquetting Process.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Top 8 Advantages of bio Fuel Briquettes made by using Briquetting Machine

Not only do bio fuels help protect the earth from Global Warming by emanating less greenhouse gasses than fossil fuels, but they also add jobs to the financial system and by doing so, help manufacture people, farmers and those living in poor rural, areas. 
As Price of Fossil Fuel Rises, People are preferred to Use Bio Fuel. Bio fuel has many Types but mainly we can divide it into 3 types like: Solid, Liquid and Gas and they are also known as Bio coal, Bio Diesel and Bio Gas Respectively.  

Here, we are taking about Biomass Briquettes, Which is manufactured from Biomass Waste like any Forestry Waste or any Agricultural Waste. It is made by Briquetting Machine Without using any kind of Gum to join Loose Biomass and generate solid Bio fuel Briquettes. So, This Briquetting Technology is also known as Binder less Technology.

1.    Reduce Greenhouse Gases:
Fossil fuel Emanating Green House Gases, While Use of Bio fuel reduces the huge amount of Green House Gas Emissions.
2.    Sustainability:
Fossil Fuel will definitely End-up one day and our main energy sources will be only Bio fuels. Bio fuels are made from Biomass waste and it’s come from Trees and Crops which can be replanted again and again can be Recycle and Reuse.  
3.    Positive Economic Impact:
Fossil Fuel are expensive than Bio fuel especially Briquettes are Chipper than the black coal. Raw material used in Briquetting Process is Biomass which is easily available and Chip.
4.      Bio fuel Briquettes are Energy Efficient:
Bio fuels Briquettes are contain more energy than Black coal and to produce black coal energy requirements are more than Briquettes Production.
5.      Health Benefits:
Bio fuels discharge fewer toxins into the air than fossil fuels. Biomass Briquettes not fly smoke away and Briquettes are also not producing Ash when it burnt. So, it’s beneficial to our health and Environment too. 
6.      Bio fuel Generation is Easy:
Production of Fossil Fuel is a hard technology and it is using heavy equipments and Refinery, But Bio fuels are generally made from feed stalk and method is quite easy. Bio fuel Briquettes production technique known as Briquetting Process and it’s very easy. 
7.      Reduce Foreign Oil Dependence:
Fossil fuels are exporting from Foreign, so price is always rising of it. But bio fuel briquettes are made by using Biomass which easily available in our country and we can make it by our country. 
8.    Economic Development:
Many countries look forward to the bio fuel industry to fuel economic development in poor and rural areas. Government Provides Subsidies sand loans to produce bio fuel Briquettes. Farmer can sell their Farming waste and can earn money and middle class or poor people can also plant this Briquetting Plant. So, it’s Reduces Poverty of the Poorest Nation.

So, White coal briquettes have many Advantages over the black coal. Use Biomass Briquettes or Briquetting Plant and make a pollution free Climate of Earth.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

One of the Briquetting Equipments – Biomass Crusher Machine

Briquetting Equipments are needed in the briquetting process of Briquettes manufacturing. Main Equipment required in Briquetting Process is Briquetting Machine. But briquetting machines have some special sized and moisture contained raw material is needed for briquetting process. 

As we all know there are various Briquetting Machine Models existing in the souk and the processing capacity is vary from machine to machine. Like Super 65 can be work on raw material with size 8-10 mm, Supreme 75 can be work on 10 mm size and Jumbo 9075 can be work on 25mm size raw material.

Biomass Crusher machine cut the raw material into size of 10mm so it can be used in all models easily. It can be cut the raw material with size up to 3” Diameter and moisture level content up to 50%. Biomass crushing Machine has Production capacity of 2 to 2.5 ton/hr. 

 Biomass Crushing or Crusher Machine is also known as Biomass Shredder Machine, Wood Shredder Machine, Chopper Machine, Biomass Cutter Machine etc.

Biomass crushing Machine is used with Stationary motor of 30 HP or Engine Driven Models and Machines that connect to a tractor with PTO Shaft Attachment. Biomass Crushing Machine is one of the most important Equipment needed in Briquetting Process.

JK Biomass Crushing Machine made of durable 5mm and 2mm steel plates with heavy duty welded construction and strong mounts. JK is exporting selling Briquetting Equipments around the world.    

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Doctor’s Day – from: JK - Briquettes Press Machine Seller!!

Happy Doctor’s Day!!

1st July is celebrated as doctor’s day in India to respect the famous physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy

This day is devoted to all the doctors opportune to remind them of their vital role in our lives. Doctors owe challenge that even a small mistake might radically affect a patient's life and commitment to serve them by all their might. People find Doctor's Day a perfect time to recognize the pressure of the job, expressing thanks to doctors for mentoring and to be thankful for their skill to console and cure.

As our Body Requires a Doctor for good Health, Our Earth also needs a Doctor to save it from Pollution and Green House effect. Do you know who the doctor of our mother Earth is???
Answer is “WE”. We can save our mother Earth from Pollution and Green House Effect and make healthy Environment of Earth.

There are lots of ways to stop pollution and you can use any one of them to make healthy Environment. I am discussing one of them and it’s about Bio fuel Briquettes. Briquettes are Environment Friendly Product and help to stop green house Effect. 

Briquettes are made from Biomass Waste like any Agricultural and Forestry waste using Biomass Briquettes Press Machines. Process of Briquettes Press Machines known as Briquetting Process and there is no need of any Chemical in this Briquetting Process. It’s also known as Binder Less Technology. It’s very easy to use a Briquettes Press Machine and raw material used in briquetting process is easily available.

So, be a Doctor of Our Mother and Save its Environment Health to live Healthy. I suggest you to Plant Briquettes Press Machine and use Briquettes. You can also Suggest more option here to save our and Earth’s Health!!!