Friday, April 3, 2015

No Chances Of Pollution While Using Biomass Bio Fuel Briquettes.

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No Pollution while using Briquettes
The time has come to join hands not only for increasing the economy but also for saving environment as a large as Environment is the only thing which we all have in common to share so it becomes our moral responsibility to create the environment who is serving us from million years & other millions to come.

Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools is proud that it has chosen right partner for saving earth i.e. Biomass Briquettes. Since experience of Jay Khodiyar Machines Tools is getting wider year by year it has become very sure in the field of Agro forestry waste recycling into polished Briquettes that neither this process nor the final product White coal Briquettes will causes any kind of pollution so Jay Khodiyar can very well said that it has no chance of creating pollution as the Agro coal Briquettes are made from the waste of agriculture & forest which are bind just to increase the density of the raw material which are agro-forestry waste. 

Biomass Biofuel Briquettes
Biomass Bio fuel Briquettes
There are many reasons behind which Biomass Briquettes can be proved as if they are used there will be no chance of creation of the pollution in the world like it contain no sulfur content, no ash contain, no smoke, high calorific value & the most important benefit that it is Binder less technology the reason behind why Biomass Briquettes are made of lignin & lignin itself is produced from raw material which is used like agro-forestry waste & so no other chemical or other product is used which cause pollution just raw material that to waste of agro-forestry that it.

So one can fearlessly use White coal Briquettes as it is also a project which is supported by the government. As in the modern world no one can live without use of electricity so it becomes at times very important to find an alternate for coal against which we can use some eco friendly product which also fill the blank space of coal & other fossil fuels & also a product which creates low pollution or zero pollution. As according to famous say that  

“We need to protect the earth in coming 10years as much as we have not protected in last 10,000 years.”

Biomass coal Briquettes are proven product & most trusted by the not only government of India but by government of all most every country. Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools explain the benefits of Biomass Briquettes with the help of greenhouse gasses. As petroleum product or fossil fuel creates more amount of carbon dioxide while White coal Briquettes don’t creates any kind or smoke nor can carbon dioxide which reduces much amount of the pollution level & layers of ozone be saved to a large extent.

So with this proven technology we can say with full of confidence that if Biomass Briquettes are used there will be no chance of the pollution in the corner of every world so that is what a Agro biomass Briquettes is.

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