Sunday, July 12, 2015

One of the Briquetting Equipments – Biomass Crusher Machine

Briquetting Equipments are needed in the briquetting process of Briquettes manufacturing. Main Equipment required in Briquetting Process is Briquetting Machine. But briquetting machines have some special sized and moisture contained raw material is needed for briquetting process. 

As we all know there are various Briquetting Machine Models existing in the souk and the processing capacity is vary from machine to machine. Like Super 65 can be work on raw material with size 8-10 mm, Supreme 75 can be work on 10 mm size and Jumbo 9075 can be work on 25mm size raw material.

Biomass Crusher machine cut the raw material into size of 10mm so it can be used in all models easily. It can be cut the raw material with size up to 3” Diameter and moisture level content up to 50%. Biomass crushing Machine has Production capacity of 2 to 2.5 ton/hr. 

 Biomass Crushing or Crusher Machine is also known as Biomass Shredder Machine, Wood Shredder Machine, Chopper Machine, Biomass Cutter Machine etc.

Biomass crushing Machine is used with Stationary motor of 30 HP or Engine Driven Models and Machines that connect to a tractor with PTO Shaft Attachment. Biomass Crushing Machine is one of the most important Equipment needed in Briquetting Process.

JK Biomass Crushing Machine made of durable 5mm and 2mm steel plates with heavy duty welded construction and strong mounts. JK is exporting selling Briquetting Equipments around the world.    

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