Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Doctor’s Day – from: JK - Briquettes Press Machine Seller!!

Happy Doctor’s Day!!

1st July is celebrated as doctor’s day in India to respect the famous physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy

This day is devoted to all the doctors opportune to remind them of their vital role in our lives. Doctors owe challenge that even a small mistake might radically affect a patient's life and commitment to serve them by all their might. People find Doctor's Day a perfect time to recognize the pressure of the job, expressing thanks to doctors for mentoring and to be thankful for their skill to console and cure.

As our Body Requires a Doctor for good Health, Our Earth also needs a Doctor to save it from Pollution and Green House effect. Do you know who the doctor of our mother Earth is???
Answer is “WE”. We can save our mother Earth from Pollution and Green House Effect and make healthy Environment of Earth.

There are lots of ways to stop pollution and you can use any one of them to make healthy Environment. I am discussing one of them and it’s about Bio fuel Briquettes. Briquettes are Environment Friendly Product and help to stop green house Effect. 

Briquettes are made from Biomass Waste like any Agricultural and Forestry waste using Biomass Briquettes Press Machines. Process of Briquettes Press Machines known as Briquetting Process and there is no need of any Chemical in this Briquetting Process. It’s also known as Binder Less Technology. It’s very easy to use a Briquettes Press Machine and raw material used in briquetting process is easily available.

So, be a Doctor of Our Mother and Save its Environment Health to live Healthy. I suggest you to Plant Briquettes Press Machine and use Briquettes. You can also Suggest more option here to save our and Earth’s Health!!!  

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