Friday, June 12, 2015


Biomass Briquettes - Renewable Energy Source
Renewable Energy Sources
There are many sources of energy especially renewable on the earth but there are very less which can be physible & other which are Physible are very require huge investment & it is generally found that Renewable Energy product & setting up of that project are very expensive or requires too much amount of investment. 

But this case is not right in all the cases like there are also many Renewable Sources of Energy which are affordable, less investment, easy to set, physible & easy to use i.e. Biomass Briquetting Press Machine which produces White coal Briquettes by setting up an Biocoal Briquetting Plant Project which is very economical to use in industry almost everywhere as it easily replace coal & wood which produce very high amount of pollution. 

Biomass Briquettes have a capacity to produce low ash contents. As it is purely made from the Agriculture- forestry waste which are natural waste & when burned after increasing its density by processing it in Biomass Briquetting Press Machine.
In earlier times people were trying to find out an inexpensive way of Renewable Energy but were not able to but then Briquetting Press Machine was invented. Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools manufacturer, exporter, seller & supplier is into the business of recycling agro-forestry waste into the cylindrical Briquettes. 

Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools given a new way of doing a business by producing Bio coal Briquettes tells that is the till now one of the renewable sources energy in the world invented to use as substitute for coal & wood. Briquetting Press Machine comes with a very unique technology which does not allow to enter any other extra chemical line binder one liquid name lignin is produce which bind the raw material to make Bio coal Briquettes. 

Briquetting Press Machine goes go for the simple process of making White coal Briquettes also Raw Material required is also one no other such material is required i.e. Agriculture & forestry waste. Briquetting equipments are also there but they are mostly voluntary as it is to shape the raw material as per he need of the White coal Briquetting Press Machine. 

Briquetting Equipments talk about supporting the Briquetting Machine to complete the Briquetting Process like Biomass Crusher & Turbo Dryer which by their process maintaining the size & moisture level of the raw material which is the only pre-requisite of the raw material before entering into the Briquetting Machine.  

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