Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How Renewable Briquettes can be Responsible for Carbon Emissions Stabilization?

Carbon emissions in 2014 stayed at the earlier year's levels of 32.3 billion metric as indicated by a Report. The tenth yearly Renewable 2015 Global Status Report refers to "expanded entrance of renewable vitality" and changes in vitality proficiency as the boss purposes behind the prominent outflows adjustment.

Renewable Briquettes:

Renewable Briquettes is Solid Bio fuel also known as White coal. It can be used in place of Black Coal. Briquettes are made from Biomass Waste. In agricultural and Forestry area there is vast availability of waste – Agricultural waste and Forestry waste. This waste can be used to generate heat in their loose form. But if this waste is bind in a solid form then the thermal value and high burning efficiency than loose form of waste. To bind the bio waste or agro-forestry waste, Biomass Briquettes Press is used. It’s not omit extra carbon in the air so its carbon emission in the air.
      Biomass BriquettesPress:  It is a Machine which binds the biomass and agro-forestry waste into solid coal briquettes without adding any Binder or chemical. It is a machine which used only bio and agro-forestry waste no other chemical in Briquetting process. So, Briquettes Press works on Binder less Technology. So, it is also known as Binder Less Coal Briquettes Press. It’s available in many models with different Production capacity. Highest Production capacity based model is known as Jumbo 9075, Lowest is known as Super 65 and Average Production capacity model is known as Supreme 75.there is a difference in Briquettes Press Price and Briquettes Press Designs of each briquette Press Model.

Why to Choose Renewable Briquettes?

Renewable Briquettes, as name suggest it is one of Renewable Energy Product. As it is not emitting Extra Carbon in the air, its stable the carbon emission. Advantages of Briquettes over Black Coal. Such as,
  • Cheaper than Black Coal 
  •  It can be Reuse, Reduce and Replace
  • It has no sulfur Contain
  • Higher Practical Thermal Value and much lower ash contain
  • No fly black smoke
  • High Burning Efficiency
  • Ideally sized for complete combustion
  • Combustion in Boiler and Steamer is more uniform than Black coal
  • Easy to use, handle and transportation
  • User can get Carbon Credit
  • Raw Material (Biomass and Agro-Forestry waste) Easily available

Use of Renewable Briquettes:
Applcation of Briquettes, Briquettes USe

Briquettes Application

So, Use of Renewable Briquettes instead of Black coal can be stabilizing the Carbon Emission.

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