Saturday, August 22, 2015

How to Produce White coal Briquettes from Biomass waste?

As the global warming effects increasing, the demand of bio fuel is also increasing to stop the effect. Production cost of most of bio fuel is cheaper than fossil fuel and it can be produced from easily available renewable sources like biomass, wind, water, sun etc. 

Let’s discussed about one of the renewable source for Bio fuel: Biomass 
Biomass waste to white coal briquettes
Biomass to Briquettes

Biomass is used as fuel in its loose form but its better if it’s bound and converts to a solid form. In solid form the practical thermal value and density is higher than loose form. Heating time of solid form is also higher than loose form.

Biomass burning maintains the carbon cycle because biomass isn’t producing extra carbon in the atmosphere. Biomass is also easily available source for Bio fuel. Any farming waste and Agricultural waste is biomass waste.

Process of Bio fuel manufacturing from bio waste is very easy. Solid bio fuel made from biomass waste is known as briquettes, pallets, white coal etc. to produce such bio coal different type of Machines is available.

White coal briquettes are made by using such biomass waste and machine used in this process is known as Briquetting Machine. Working of Briquetting Machine is simple and it’s not using any chemical for making solid fuel from loose biomass. So Briquetting process is worked on the basis of binder less technology. Briquetting process is very simple and it does require less man power.

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