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Biomass Bio Fuel Advantages over Fossil Fuels

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Biomass Bio Fuel Advantages over Fossil Fuels

The human race has undergone a lot of changes through the millennia. Most of the advances in technologies have done in just the last couple of hundred years. The discovery of oil, gas and petroleum as energy sources changed the face of how we carry out things like nothing else since the detection of fire. However, these fossil fuels do not exist in an infinite supply, making it necessary to discover other energy options. One of them is the use of biomass as a source of energy.
Here area few Biomass and Bio fuel advantages over fossil fuels: 

First, Biomass is one of the most abundant resources in the planet. By definition, it is “The mass of living or recently dead animals and plants, along with their wastes”. It means that there is not a single square centimeter of Earth that does not hold some form of biomass that could be transformed to energy. 

Biomass is renewable energy source. If people implement suitable conservation techniques, each and every form of biomass that is harvested to manufacture energy can be replaced over an era. What is time required depends on the biomass used. For example, trees would take much longer to replace than corn plants.  On the other hand, Fossil Fuel exists in limited amounts that will never be replaced. 

Biomass can easily be converted from its natural form into concentrated, high energy fuels such as Briquettes or White Coal or a type of gas that is virtually equal to natural gas. These bio fuels are relatively clean burning when compared with the fossil fuels in use today. 

The cost of producing biomass for use as fuels and energy sources is very cheap compared to the cost of finding and extracting fossil fuels. The price of finding fuel is eliminated when one deliberately plants certain types of plants to be used in the production of biomass fuels. Extraction is usually no more exclusive than harvesting crops for food. In some cases, rising and harvesting crops for biomass fuel use is cheaper than raising food crops. 

Briquettes, Whitecoal, Biomass biofuel, Briquetting unit, briquetting plant, briquetting press
Biomass Biofuel Briquettes
Briquetting Machines are used to produce biomass bio fuel Briquettes or White coal. White coal or briquettes has many advantages over fossil fuel. They are eco-friendly and non polluting bio fuel. Briquettes making process (Briquetting Process) is used to not using any chemical to bind Biomass Waste. So, it’s also called Binder Less Technology. Briquetting Machines are also known as Briquetting Plant, Briquetting Press, Briquetting Unit etc.   

Unused areas of land can be set to use as sources of biomass crops and the growing of such crops can produce new jobs in rural areas, dropping the unemployment rates.
If proper conservation is used in harvesting, growing and replacing biomass crops used as fuels or in the manufacture of fuels, the quantity of carbon dioxide released into the environment would see a net reduction as the new plants would absorb it to manufacture energy for their own escalation. This could help to slow or stop global warming and restore balance to the carbon cycle that was destroyed when man began large scale use of fossil fuels that had been out of the carbon cycle for millions of years.   
These are only some of the biomass bio fuel advantages over fossil fuels. Latest advantages are being discovered almost every day, as scientists continue to discover alternate sources of energy for a time when there will be no fossil fuels to consume.

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