Sunday, February 8, 2015

Scope and Benifites of Biomass Bio Fuel- Briquettes

In 21st century as per the worst Situation of Environment due to Global Warming, there is an enormous requirement to face the challenges by preventing Green House Effect through Biomass Briquetting Machine which replaces non-conventional Fuels into Environment Friendly Bio-Fuel.

Bio Fuel can be produced by using easily available Biomass Waste like, Saw Dust, Corn Husk, Bagasse etc. with the help of Briquetting Machinery. Briquetting Machines Manufacture Solid Bio Fuel called Biomass Briquettes or White Coal which is totally Eco-Friendly, Non-Polluting with no Sulphur Contain will nurture our Earth.

Briquetting Machines used Binder Less Technologyto manufacture Biomass Briquettes. It’s called Binder less because it is not using any chemical to form solid Bio Fuel from loose form of Biomass. 

In Briquetting Machines biomass is pressed which produced Lignin to bind loose biomass. No any Chemical is added so it’s cheaper and eco-friendly than other Fuel. Briquetting plant Project is Renewable Energy Project and it’s using Renewable Energy Source Biomass. It’s the one part of Go-Green Project. Government also gives support for this project by giving subsidies and income tax exemption.

Bio Fuel Briquettes is Widely Used for any type of thermal application to replace Fossil Fuel.
  •  Brick making Unit                                         
    Scope Of Briquettes produced from Briquetting Machines
    Scope of Briquettes
  • Lamination Industries
  • Textile Processing Industries
  • Dyeing Units
  • Ceramic Industries
  • Milk Plant
  • Spinning Mill
  • Vegetable Plants
  • Chemical Industries
  • Refractory Industries
  • Rubber Industries
There are many advantages of using Bio Fuel Briquettes:

No Harmful Emission:
Benifites or Advantages of BriquettesBiomass Bio Fuel Briquettes not contain Sulphur or any hazardous material which are the reasons for Green House Effect.

Clean Energy:
advantages or Benifitesof Briquettes from Briquetting Plant

It’s not producing ash and smoke while burning so it’s a clean energy source.

Renewable Briquettes making Project Briquettes are made from Biomass which is one of the renewable energy sources.

Reduce Dependency on Fossil Fuels:
Briquettes can reduce dependancy on fossil fuel
Day by day price of Fossil Foil is increasing and availability of it is decreasing.

Briquettes are Cost effective then any other fuel

It’s cheaper than other fossil fuel because its made from waste which is easily available.

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