Friday, January 23, 2015

Briquetting Plant as One Major to Stop the Global Warming

Briquetting Plant Machines
Briquetting Process

As we all know the current situation of earth due to Global warming. This cause by many reasons like Fossil fuel is one of them. It is contributing 3/4 of greenhouse gas emissions.
With the use of Bio fuel we can prevent Global warming because it doesn’t produce any kind of harmful gases when it is burnt. Bio fuel is alternate of Fossil Fuel.

Bio Fuel:
Bio Fuel is produced from Renewable plant and animal materials or from any Biomass which can be used as fuel or for industrial production. Examples include wood, corn, sugarcane etc.
Bio Fuel is generally in three forms:

1.     Solid Bio Fuel 
2.     Liquid Bio Fuel 
3.     Gas Bio Fuel
Briquettes,Briquetting Press,Briquetting Plant
Biomass Bio Fuel

Liquid Bio Fuel: 
Liquid Bio Fuel can be produced from any vegetable oil or creature fat and used as an alternate or fractional alternate for Liquid Bio Fuel.
For Ex. Bio-oil, Biodiesel, Pyrolysis oil, Bio-ethanol

Gas Bio Fuel:
Bio-gas is a gas and not like from liquid. It is created from the anaerobic breakdown of natural matter that can include anything ranging-from fertilizer to sewage to plant material and even crops.

Solid Bio Fuel:

Solid Bio Fuel like firewood, sawdust, plants and even dry animal muck or any Biomass Waste constitutes bio fuels. Sometimes they’re not convent in their original form so they compressed into a form that is easier to handle, easier transport, storage and use.  Ex. Briquettes/White Coal, Pellets, Charcoal, carbonized fuels, Torrefied Briquettes.

Briquetting Plant:
Solid Bio Fuel Biomass Briquettes can be produce using Briquetting Plant. Solid Bio Fuel is made up from Farming waste or Forestry waste.
In Briquetting Process, These type of waste used as Raw Material. Raw material used as input in Briquetting Machine. Raw Material Compressed and Punched within the Briquetting Unit. By this Process Raw material is bind in solid form. Here, in this process any binder is not require because when agricultural or forestry waste compress a natural binder called “Lignin” is Produce and bind the loose biomass waste. 

Hence, in Briquetting Machine any chemical is not required so it’s totally depends on natural waste. This Briquetting Press Process is also called Binder Less Technology.

As an Output of briquetting Process Briquettes/White Coal are produced which is totally Eco-Friendly, Non-Polluting, Less Ash Content, No Smoke Fly away during burning, High Calorific value and High density Compare to Fossil Fuel.
A main advantage of this Briquetting Plant is its using waste which is easily available in agriculture country. Sometimes these wastages are not destroying completely so it will create pollution.

So, Briquetting Press not only Prevent Our Earth from Global warming but also Prevent it from Pollution.

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